Wednesday, October 20, 2010

This afternoon was productive in some ways, but not in others

Dear Clemson University,

My mixed feelings for you continue. Today's example: your PE classes are all under the category "Leisure Skills". Granted, that does also include classes on photography and wood carving and jewelry making and CPR, but... the name "Leisure Skills", while endlessly amusing, does seem to downplay the importance of remaining physically fit and active - the title "Physical Education" does a better job of indicating the necessity of such courses in equipping students to remain active for life.

On the up side, you feature some intriguing courses not found at NC State. These include a wider variety of dance classes (belly dancing, 3 levels of shag and swing dancing, contra, and multiple levels of ballroom dancing, although there is a conspicuous lack of clogging), hunting and fishing classes (many courses involving rifles, actually, including getting hunting licenses, and how to tie flies for fishing), and lots of yoga classes (also, "Meditation and Relaxation" sounds great; I would look forward to the irony of stressing about an assessment in that class). It is disappointing that you don't have specific classes for basketball, volleyball, and softball, but combine them all with football in one course. Also, no badminton classes. That is a serious oversight. Though the billiards class might make up for that...

Still not in love with orange,


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