Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Mark September 25 on your calendars, folks: I spoke up in a meeting. It was full of people I didn't know, but I voluntarily talked. Bravest thing I've done this week!!

(Why is this a landmark? I'm ridiculously shy. So these moments of bravery might not seem like much to anyone else, but they're pretty monumental to me! I've gradually improved, mostly at things where there's a sort of "script" already, like interviews. And presentations aren't really a big deal. It's the conversational things that typically terrify me, so I'll take my victories where I can!)

Friday, September 14, 2012

Hopefully it's not contagious.

I think I have a terrible case of foot-in-mouth disease. I have become incapable of not saying something insensitive to my friends. For example:

I'm playing Munchkin (a card game. It's super-fun, look it up.) with my friends. I help a friend defeat a monster, but play a card that allows me to steal the levels she would have gained. As she's finishing her turn and marking our points and levels down...
Me: Did you remember to give yourself a level for defeating the monster?
K: *stare* You mean the levels you stole?
Me: *facepalm* Oh, my gosh, I'm so sorry!! I wasn't even thinking!!

Then, just last night, I was watching TV at my friend's house.
A: You know what I'd really like? A CookOut burger.
Me: I had one for dinner!
A: You really think now is the time to share that?!
Me: Oh, sorry!! I wasn't thinking! You could go get one…
A: I'm vegetarian!!
Me: Agh! *shamed*

So, yeah, I just can't win. Maybe I'll just stop talking altogether.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Unacceptable Things: Special K Commercials

Dear Kellogg's,

Your recent Special K commercial - you know, this one - gets so close to having a great message. "Wouldn't it be nice if we focused less on the number, and more on how the fit makes us feel?"

Yes. Yes, that would be really nice. And the imagery you've got going there, with "Radiant" and "Sassy" and "Va-va-voom" and "Ooh-la-la" and "Confident" instead of size numbers, is pretty good. When I see that part of the commercial, I think to myself, "Self, this might actually be a product I can get behind! A product that emphasizes actual health instead of obsession over numbers!"

And then the rest of the commercial happens. "Take the Special K challenge, and slip into size Sassy in two weeks!"

Damn. So close… and yet so far.

I guess "Sassy" just means 4 or 2 or whatever-one-size-down-from-the-viewer's-current-size-might-be-even-if-that's-00.

(This is not even mentioning the ridiculousness that is the "Special K challenge" - am I the only person who gets hungry just thinking about the idea of eating just a bowl of cereal for two meals every day for two weeks? I am not a very pleasant person when I'm hungry. So let's just hope I don't ever decide to take this challenge - chances of that actually happening are slim to none, but strange things do occur - when I need to be around people and act like a normal, friendly human being. Because that won't happen; I'll just be hangry for two weeks.)

Seriously, Kellogg's, this is just not acceptable.


PS - You want to know a company that, at the very least, seems like they want their customers to feel good about themselves? Lane Bryant. Where they don't tell ladies, "It's just about how you feel in the clothes, not the number on the tag! But you should go ahead and drop a size anyway."