Thursday, August 11, 2011

I suppose technically they'd provide some protein...

Dear Lab Members,

I'm really confused over why there are envelopes containing butterflies in the food fridge. I am almost positive no one is eating them. (Although, I don't know whether monarch butterflies are toxic to people as well as birds, so maybe it's possible...) Not that I'm complaining! I do smile a little bit every time I open the fridge.

Only in an entomology lab...


P.S. Interestingly, "bemused" has apparently been changing in meaning from simply meaning "confused" or "lost in thought" to also encompass the state I'm referring to, in which I am both puzzled and amused by something.


  1. How funny, my mom overwinters her monarchs by putting them in the fridge as well. Apparently, they can live like that! But shame on your labmates for not using the proper fridge!

    1. Looking back on it, I'm sure part of the reason is that our other fridges were full of toxic chemicals - probably just as bad for the butterflies as for food!