Sunday, January 29, 2012

Is it wrong to love kitchen utensils?

Dear Santa,

I just wanted to let you know: I am in love with the microplane zester you left in my stocking. Y'know, this one:

I finally had a reason to use it last weekend, and it was phenomenal. Previously, if I wanted to zest some citrus, I had to use my box grater. Which kind of works. Except for the fact that it'd be super easy to scrape my fingers, and it takes for-EVER to zest anything, and I can only ever get about 30% of the zest out from between the pointy bits. (And I'm a scientist, so you know that 30% is super accurate.)

So, yeah, I zested half a lemon the other day... and it took like 30 seconds. For reals. It was amazing.

Yesterday, in continuing my affair with the zester, I made some lemon cupcakes from this recipe. And I can't stop eating them. Every time I pick one up, I know I'll get a couple minutes of tasting sunshine and happiness!! And that wouldn't be happening without you.

Thanks so much!!

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