Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Today, I have zero willpower

Dear chocolate bunny,

"Oh, I'll just eat the ears," I told myself. But you were too delicious. I had to keep going.

"I'll stop after I finish off the head." No dice.

"Just the bow tie, then. This thing is supposed to be 2 servings, that'll be about half."

And still, you were too delicious. I kept going. And when there was only about a quarter of a rabbit left, I just had to admit to myself, I was going to finish you.

And then I had eaten an entire chocolate Easter bunny.

On the bright side, you were only 2.5 ounces of chocolate. And you only cost me 50 cents, since I bought you on post-Easter clearance today!

Anyway, thanks for demolishing my willpower. I hope there aren't any hard feelings, seeing as I think I paid you back by eating you totally.


P.S. Um, yeah, there was apparently a "63" at the end of my post title for a month and a half. Whoops.

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