Tuesday, June 21, 2011

If I never graduate, I know who to blame

Dear Steven Moffat,

I think you have broken my brain. Seriously. All I have been able to say for the past 15 minutes is, "HWHAT?!?!... I don't... I... WHAT?!?!?!!... I don't even... But... but... HWHAAAT?!!!?!" and variations thereupon. I mean, okay, I kind of started suspecting, when I saw Amy's baby's name... but I thought, "No... That couldn't ever happen!" And then I was actually right!!!! I mean... WHAT the HECK?!?! Seriously??!?!!

Yeah, I'm pretty sure my brain is now broken. And I haven't even really TRIED to think about the timelines!!!

I really don't know how you could ever top this moment, as far as sheer WTF-ery is concerned. But I'm interested to see you (and all the other "Doctor Who" writers!!) keep trying.

Love (maybe. I'm not sure what I think about anything anymore!!),

Dear Committee Members and Future Employers,

If I never earn my Master's Degree, you can write angry letters about my inability to brain to Steven Moffat and the producers of "Doctor Who," as I am placing full responsibility for the breakage of said brain on their shoulders. And if you want to know why, watch "A Good Man Goes to War" (although for full brain-breakage effect, I recommend starting with "Silence in the Library" and progressing from there through the rest of Doctor Ten and then through Eleven so far. Of course, to really understand Doctor Ten, you should at least watch all of him, and to get that, you might want to watch Doctor Nine (because he's pretty awesome, too, and explains quite a bit of what ends up happening to Ten)).

But, yes, Steven Moffat is to blame for the breakage of my brain.

With sincerest apologies,

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