Monday, June 20, 2011

Story of my life..

Dear Internet,

It would be a lot easier to get work done (actually, it would be a lot easier to even get to work in the first place) if you would be less interesting. Here I am, all set to head to my lab, and you present me with this cool new blog I've never seen before! I should totally read through all the archives before I go because it's interesting and thought-provoking!! (This morning's impediment, if you're wondering, was carefree white girl - it spurred many thoughts and feelings in me. And I seriously couldn't stop reading.)

Also, showing me things like foodgawker to drool over, when I already have an RSS feed full of craftgawker things to ogle (among the other various food blogs and craft blogs and funny blogs and real-world news blogs I read) is just not fair. I only have so much time in a day, but you make me want to spend it seeing EVERYTHING EVER ON THE INTERNET instead of doing things I actually need to be doing!

Or I guess I could just learn to control myself when it comes to these things, although that's not very likely...

Yours in distraction and procrastination,

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