Saturday, February 1, 2014

Only a month late!

Dear Self,

That was real great when you made those resolutions... Except you didn't really keep them!

Alright, you got an apartment. And you read 29 books, which is pretty decent even if it's not 35.

Let's admit that the crafting just didn't happen and move on. (There was plenty of baking, though, so good job on that and let's keep that up!)

And hey, you went to both D.C. and Boston, so major props on the travel front. (Also Harry Potter Camp, which I can't believe you didn't write about yet! Falling down on the blogging front, there.)

I was going to say that resolutions clearly don't work for us, but in hindsight 2013 was a pretty amazing year. Didn't complete the stuff we originally intended, but some really awesome things happened. So I think it's justified to try and make some new goals for 2014:
  • Travel: get back to Camp 9 3/4; going to DC is a given; and it would be nice to visit family in Buffalo this summer.
  • Read: let's be a little less ambitious and set a goal of 30 books this year. Also, get a new library card, since apparently that old one we haven't used in about 7 years is no longer good.
  • Blog: I really don't think one post a month is asking too much!
  • Learn: take some classes! Could be online, or through the city's Parks Department, or even a community college course.

Okay, that's quite a bit. We don't want to feel overwhelmed by our own ambitions! I am cautiously optimistic about this list, though, so we'll see how it went when 2015 rolls around.


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