Sunday, January 23, 2011

It's been a very giraffe-y week

Dear giraffes,

How are you so ridiculous? You're just all neck and leg and hilarity.

Also, why are you suddenly in my life so much? I went from an average of 0 giraffes per week to 4. That's a pretty huge jump. First, there was this picture, which inspired my roommate to say "nipple-licking giraffe," which is possibly the funniest phrase ever. Then, I saw this picture, which made me laugh as well. You heartless bastards. (As a side note, the commenters seem to think the correct answer is A, or possibly B, but it's totally C. For the answer to be A or B, there would need to be some reproduction going on; since it's just showing that some individuals are less able to access the limited resources, C should be correct.) When I first saw the picture, there was also a link to Eddie Izzard talking about evil giraffes, which is a funny idea. And, because his running giraffe impression was spot-on, I had to look at some actual running giraffes, which is probably the most hilarious thing by far. All I can think when I see a running giraffe is, "What the hell?" And then I laugh. Because when you take an animal that's originally awkward looking, with spindly legs and knobbly knees and a ridiculous, gawky neck and then make it move fast, the result is pure, hilarious ridiculousness.

I do appreciate the humor you have added to my life. It vastly improved my week.

But you definitely look ridiculous.


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