Sunday, January 2, 2011

Oh, is it a new year already?

Dear 2011,

I have some pretty high hopes for you. Like I hope you will be more awesome than 2010. And 2010 was pretty awesome. On the bright side, you can get an early start at being awesome because my birthday is in two weeks. Here is a big chance for something awesome to happen. Please don't let me down!

With anticipation,


Dear Train,

Thank you for writing "Drops of Jupiter"! That is, quite possibly, my favorite song. Ever. It always makes me feel better to hear it. It's kind of funny, because if I hadn't heard it about 8 billion times in seventh grade English (when we were doing poetry, and then talked about the meaning behind the lyrics), I probably wouldn't have fallen in love with you and your music. And apparently the rest of my classmates are musical Neanderthals, who now don't like this song. I really don't know what's wrong with them. But I love your stuff, and "Drops of Jupiter" most of all.

Thank you so much!



*This post is part of the "30 Day Song Challenge". Day 1 is "Your favorite song". I am using the prompts listed here.*

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