Monday, January 31, 2011

My musical tastes haven't really changed that much in a year

To whomever created these prompts:

I maintain that "Drops of Jupiter" was my favorite song last year. However, in the spirit of sharing more (and not repeating songs), if it was something different, it would have been something off Save Me, San Francisco. Something like "If It's Love", which makes me smile every time I hear it. Granted, I like basically every song on that album. But "If It's Love" is definitely amazing.

And now I've finished! I feel pretty accomplished, and, I think, a little more comfortable with this blog, which means I achieved my goal as far as doing this challenge. So thank you for creating it; it was a fun, sometimes thought-provoking experience. And I liked sharing my music.


*This post is part of the "30 Day Song Challenge". Day 30 is "Your favorite song at this time last year". I am using the prompts listed here.*

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